About us

     The Centre for International Migration Studies (CEMI) was founded in 1996 under the initiative of Anthropology Department, Sociology Department and History Department faculty members affiliated to the Philosophy and Human Sciences Institute of the State University of Campinas, having as a main objective the comparative study of international migrations. In its first two decades of existence, counting on a wide collaborative network established between universities and research centres from around the world and betting on interdisciplinary perspectives, CEMI has explored the following lines of investigation: Nation and Diaspora; Frontiers and International Movements; Transoceanic Networks and Mobilities; Espace and Power; Modernity, Law and Democratic Interaction.

At the moment, CEMI congregates researchers (both professors and students) of many fields of expertise (Anthropology, History, Sociology, Literary Studies, Arts), affiliated to different Unicamp departments as well as other Brazilian and foreign institutions. Their research activities are organised around the following lines:

  1. Displace(migrant)ments
  2. Frontiers and Crises
  3. Transnational Crime and Security

The CEMI has always been characterised by promoting research across different national contexts. Currently, we have research being developed on the following countries: South Africa, Angola, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, India (Goa), Italy, Israel, Mozambique, Namibia, Palestine, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Senegal, Tanzania, East Timor, Serbia and Zimbabwe.